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She will continue conversation with you if you say you're champion of fort joy's arena
She is also a reference to Doro Pesch. The singer from the Heavy Metal band, Warlock.


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Added that to "Trivia" section, very amusing
There's a poem about her on the ship traveling to Fort Joy.
Drops venombite and terrorbite daggers
I have played this game through to the end several times. I've started a new game with different characters and have reached the Dorotya quest. I am not able to get the golden idol except for the first character that interacts with her. I can pickpocket the second idol, but that leaves me two idols short for my team. On previous plays I was able to get the idol for all members of the team by just repeating the process. She doesn't give me the idol option when I approach her with the rest of the characters in my team. Is this a bug or is it something that's been added to the game? Is there any way to get the idols for my team?
You can still get multiple idols for the entire party! 1. Speak with Dorotya and select the "Transparent Chrysalis" option. 2. Don't follow her to the other room to kiss and allow her time to walk back to her room. 3. Repeat step one and two with a different character - and repeat further until your final character. 4. Follow her to the room and kiss with your final character. 5. Allow her time to return to her room and in reverse order as to how you began, speak to Dorotoya and apologize to kiss her again. 6. Follow her to the room and kiss - then repeat (in reverse order as to how you begat) with your remaining characters. ** I did the above on 3/4 characters in my party. I then pick pocketed the idol from Dorotoya on the third character before following through with her giving it to me. This way, I did not have to lose constitution on all four charters, but still have four idols.