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By Anonymous
Tip: The dogs have almost no Magic Armor. At the start of the fight after she summons more dogs, use Medusa Head (Polymorph 2), then the Petrifying Visage. It knocks off the little Magic Armor from all the dogs and petrifies them for a turn. Keeping the char with the head near a few dogs keeps them petrified for the duration of the head. Even on tactician this made the fight rather easy.
By Anonymous
rain+global cooling generally does the same thing but for less ap so if you have a good hydrosophist i'd go for that instead
By Anonymous
At the beginning of the fight, if you have a character with Aerothurge and superconductor cast rain and swap places with The Eternal, use high ground and gg to all of them.
By Kilmir
She is fond of using air magic to shock and stun. You can craft the Eternal Armor, with the last piece found just before entering the temple, which gives immunity to shocked and stunned.
By Anonymous
Sry...i just cant find it.
By Anonymous
Ye this is a fun boss, wiped out my party before i even got a single turn in.
By Anonymous
The easy way to beat this boss is to play in explorer difficulty and sending sebille (sneaky stabby girl) and the red prince (Tanky heavyhitty guy) right next to her: they pummel her in two or three strikes and then you only have to deal with the stalkers at a leisure pace.
By Anonymous
Hard boss. Defeated on level 13. Key = having someone with Medus Head skill to control the hounds
By Anonymous
Best thing is when your auto save forces you to endlessly live through getting one shot by this annoying boss...
By Anonymous
This fight hurts, by the time my first character did anything all 4 had no magic resist and 2 of them were stunned. With good positioning I can see this fight ending within like 3 turns though with a victory.
By Anonymous
Dang it, I don't have Medusa head and my spellcaster has way to low initiative. Guess I have try to gear up. And get some shock resistance
By Anonymous
Teleported the ***** away from the hounds then Double P her using cload and dagger and a character waiting far away xD