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Does this spell hit allies around the impacts?
It does not hurt your allies, but it does hit enemies multiple times if they are bunched up. During the (2nd) Alexandar fight I killed him and 4 other enemies with just this spell as I teleported them next to eachother :)
It's insanely OP if you ask me. Bunch your enemies together, cast this spell and the fight is done.
No, but it can put oil underneath where they are standing.
most powerful skill in game. the thing is that most tought enemies like adramalikh and all of the final fight bosses are all quite vulnerable to earth, so that with pure geomancer it is possible to end this fights literally in one shot with no buffs on tactician without having lone wolf because, as mentioned, enemies that stay close are hit multiple times
quite vulnerable means that their earth resistance is low or zero
literally most op skill in game, on 2nd honour mode run considering not even getting it, because most fights can be won in 1 or 2 turns with geomancer and combo of: step 1: get 5 AP (haste buff, create poison puddle with elementalist talent, flesh sacrifice, adrenaline or anything else) step 2: apotheosis + pyroclastic eruption step 3: skin graft + pyroclastic explosion At this point most fights are over with just lightest support by other characters. The only challenging fights are fights where enemies start on high ground and so it's harder to position geomancer to hit all\most with this skill