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Now with space for in-game weakness and drop charts! :D
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is this a person or a bot/robot? legit.
This critter is just super creepy and gives me the willies.
What benefits do you get for cutting off the tail?
It can be used for some armor sets/weapons. It can also be sold for a small price.
its tail
tail carve and extra resources.
I was sad when Gypceros didn't make a return, thankfully this guy scratches that itch.
whats wrong with you? everyone hates gypceros, and you should too. That thing looks so damn stupid...
Puke-Puke pukes toxic puke.
XD that’s a tongue twister, try saying it 10 times fast
They should add turf wars for every monster in this game.
no if that was the case evrytime the monsters met it would be chaos
Lance users give pukei pukei the pokey pokey, okie dokie?
Underrated Comment this.
Explains why my charge blade didn’t work
that's so good
People say Kadachi or Anja are the first noob stompers in this game, but my god this little guy beat my *** more than barney and thunder ferret
Then clearly you need to, now, say it with me... GIT GUD