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When I went to fight gaping dragon he was not in the room he was supposed to be in!
He will show up in Firelink then after the bells are rung
His helmet is probably inspired by King Henry VIII's horned helmet. Has the weird glasses and everything.
I dont think its just "probably", I think it is the entire inspiration of that very headpiece! But yes indeed, after googling "King Henry VIII's horned helmet" it looks like they just took one of those pictures and made a 3d model out of it lol


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A true hearty Irishman!
But he ain't Irish.


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The first Irish person I've seen to speak with a Welsh accent... and be Welsh.
He’s welsh
Does he respond in ng+?
all NPCs Respawn in NG+
I killed ticked him off by accident and had to kill him, anyway to get him back?
Absolving sins?
dead is dead in dark souls so you have to start new game plus, but if you only agro him if you go to oswald and absolve your sins he will become friendly again
Related to the Giant Ant (passive boss) in Dark Souls 2
Nice try buddy but I don't think so.
Killed this guy by accident because a slime dropped from the ceiling as I was trading with him and I swung my sword which hit him ... Rip
Aye, siwmae.
I didn’t expect to meet anybody here!
If I beat Ornstein and go into ng+ and defeat Smough, can I buy both sets in ng+ or just Ornsteins set in ng and Smoughs in ng+?
I'm pretty sure his inventory resets each playthrough. If you haven't already, get the set on your current game, then wait until your next playthrough to get the other set. Play it safe, not again, to get what you want :)