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By Anonymous
What a terrible game. I never heard of witcher 1 or 2 but everyone lived this so picked it up and oh my god. From the start to the point I stopped playing (after an hour) was abysmal. I'm not someone who goes against hype for the sake of it but come on. I want an apology and a refund for ever buying this piece of garbage! You camt skip the opening credits. the tutorials come up even when you have already done them and dont need to see them. The tutorials even had me locked into the menu and I had to close the game and start again and of course watch all the opening credits. Player movement is horrible. Combat horrible. Sprint and pick up are on the same button (cant change that!) And courses major problems anytime you want to pick something up you have to stop dead on it otherwise you sprint past it. Dialogue is nice. Menu is okay but the pause button and menu button are switched just to annoy you unlike EVERY OTHER GAME! I can't fault this game enough as a complete time waster. Glad I waited 5 years until I bought it so I didnt get too ripped off. I haven't played more than am hour but I will give my experience of what I had as a 1/5 the 1 is for the dialogue. Nothing else was even nice never mind good or AAA!
By Anonymous
tw3 was mehh boring i personally like tw2 better and skyrim better than tw3 easily
By Anonymous
It sounds more like you just couldn’t push the buttons. Witcher 3 is a favorite of a lot of people, so I don’t really know why you felt the need to weigh in with how you just couldn’t push buttons.