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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Awesome game with smooth and innovative combat design. The game currently 10/21/17 has several issues that the developer is working on: 1) Connectivity issues causing you to not be able to connect online, stability issues causing game freezes and crashes, and general latency issues causing obvious and not obvious lag. 2) No Anti-cheat system, so even with a low player population you still get the occasional "hacker/cheater." 3) A small balancing issue with Forsaken being much better than the other classes 4) Some bugs like an ambient sound bug that has background noise blow out your ear drums no matter the sound setting 5) And while I don't care about this one as much, others do so - lack of content, such as team mode, more clothes, ranked, spectator mode, etc.

Everything mentioned there causes significant problems, and the tiny dev team has indicated they are fixing all of it. And it's been under two months. For Honor still has major issues after 8 months, and they charge $60 for that hunk of crap while Absolver is only $30.
This is game is awesome because soo many move and combine your move to get perfect move
When are we going to get an update on this wiki?
we need an update for this wiki pls guys
What is that mystrey locked sword attack
We should get some new stances and moves into the game, along with a great story, I have an idea of the story mode