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I'm not sure I understand the reason this spell exists. There is a single point aero spell that does not cost source and gives more dodge, is this an oversight on larians part?


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Evasive Aura is an AOE that provides it on all allies in the casting range. Uncanny Evasion is single target and only applies to the caster.
This skill is insane if youre facing mostly physical enemy.
Definetly a must have if youre playing tactician or higher
actually uncanny evasion can be applied to an ally, but only one person yes.
You are stupid
I'm not sure what this spell exactly does either :/
The description doesn't mention it but this gives evasion to all friendlies within a pretty wide area.
I changed the description to fit the actual use of this ability
probably the best spell in the game. effectively gives your team 1 free round
Can be canceled by Uncanny Evasion, something AI actually exploits.
Doesn't worth it, especially early on. Better cast uncanny evasion instead. It should've last for around 2 turns at least to be relevant for it's cost.
Yea, not worth dodging all melee/ranged attacks for a turn for the entire party. What a waste!