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Can't seem to find away to make a melee Mage? Come check out our Battlemage Guide where we show you just how you can battle up close and personal using a Staff!

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I'm digging the presentation of this build; it's creative, highly specialized, and rewarding despite its overt simplicity. Enjoying the build series of articles as well, keep them coming!


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Thank you for this build! I was dissatisfied with my vanilla Wizard, so this build really saved me.
('cause I don't know how to build good characters yet.)

And I agree: The presentation is great and more please. :)


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You updated it! Very nice, thank you. :)


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How do you feel about Firebrand on this build?


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Hey, I love this build, the burst damage is absolutely ridiculous.
But I struggle with how squishy this build seems (or maybe I'm just doing something wrong).
You see, being mostly about short range/melee, you'll always be in the middle of the battle and be a very easy target. Using intellect equipment makes you an incredibly easy target to melee and ranger enemies, how do you deal with this? Even Fortitude (and Mend Metal on my Juggernaut) isn't enough to deal with it.
Intelligence and Two Handed are different things. First is an Attribute, other is ability. If you max out Int, you can go into wits, but not into two handed.
Two handed can be leveled, if you max out Pyro and Poly.


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Since you're already pumping some points into polymorph anyway wouldn't this build be better served as a joint Aero/Pyro class with some healthy polymorph pumping early game and scoundrel pumping late game instead once int is matched? Aero is full of close range skills that can CC once you get the enemies armour down with all this fire damage and will give you plenty of stuff to do while you wait for your fire spells to cool down, enough so that you can comfortably switch to a wand a shield, furthermore you'd actually NOT be useless against fire resistant enemies.


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This build is a fan-favorite for our group; I know you're not in the business of editing old guides, but for newer players, I'd just like to add that Torturer is now a must-have talent, and should probably be taken at level 1. It allows ignition (well, and all your pyro skills, really) to bypass magic armor to set the burning condition, which applies a fire resistance debuff in addition to applying a damage-over-time effect - it really makes Ignition a monster of a skill for a meager 1 AP.

We've also been having a lot of success taking a bit of a detour with the build, and - at the cost of a little damage - have found a ton of utility by taking 2 points into Necromancy in order to gain access to Corpse Explosion and Shackles of Pain. Shackles of Pain in particular allows you to shackle an enemy before using Supernova to transfer all your self-inflicted damage over to your target, potentially allowing you to nearly double your Supernova damage.

We also became fond of taking 2 points into Aero in order to gain access to Teleport and Nether Swap to set up even more devastating supernovas and whirlwinds.

So, at the cost of some damage, the increased versatility has been a huge success for us, and the damage loss is somewhat mitigated by the ability to easily reduce the target's fire resistance thanks to the new Torturer.