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By Anonymous
DOES work on Battering Ram (from 12m to 16m). (Also Bouncing Shield and Blitz Attack but those are less surprising.)
By Anonymous
Doesn't work on Tentacle Lash either (range 8m).
By Anonymous
This skill would only be useful (and balanced) of it cost 2 SP but also affected the AoE from skills by some amount. There's 0 point on using this since the bonus range doesn't apply past your high-ground range bonus; for 1 AP and 2 Huntsman you're much better off using Tactical Retreat and flocking off to some high-ground for far better range and damage bonuses.
By Anonymous
High ground isn't always available. With that said, 20m of distance from the enemy isn't always available either.
By Anonymous
Vultures armor (level 14 set) applies this skill for free, permanently, along with permanent flight. Super good for rangers or mages, in many fights you can fly to high terrain and hit people 30+ meters out. Often the enemies can't even fight back because you're too far.

I dont think I would use this for a source point and limited duration but the permanent effect from vultures armor (which you can get at level 12 or so and remains useful at high levels) is insane
By Anonymous
Just sucks that none of the mage spells that are centered around the caster can be increased in range.
By Anonymous
Easily best armour in the game for a hunter. No contest
By Dragonallied
Absolute garbage. Costs 2 memory, requires 3 huntsman which means it's really only useful to a ranger build, and just to top it all off it actually uses a source point. All this to gain a few meters of range? LMAO what a *****ing joke.
By Anonymous
Good for glass canon dagger rogues when used before chameleon cloak Makes backlash even more insane and greatly supports fan of knives, throwing knife, cloak and dagger and chloroform Because rogues don't have that many ways to spend source
By Anonymous
I think what makes this skill bad is that it requires you to go too deep into the Huntsman skill tree. If it required 2 Huntsman points it could be an OK skill in Apotheosis builds, you can justify going 2 Huntsman for both tactical retreat and this.