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By Anonymous
This weapon moveset video(as many others on this wiki) is PRIVATE. What is the point of linking private videos in a "public" page?
By Anonymous
Getting hit with this while wearing the Dusk Crown Ring is bad. I got 1-shotted by a titanite Demon twice before I remembered I was wearing the Crown and the Pole does magic damage,
By Anonymous
Will this weapon perform well if you only invest in 2 of the 3 stats that scale with this, for instance will this weapon work on a str int build, or a dex int build?
By Anonymous
yes, but dont expect super high damage
By Anonymous
It's a very underrated PvE weapon, maybe because it is not easy to acquire. If you do get lucky and pick it up from the first titanite Demon then for only 11 str (two handed) and 14 dex you get a weapon that out damages weapons that weigh a lot more. Considering that you could have easily acquired 4 twinkling titanite before you even pick it up, the damage potential is even greater. It devastates enemies (including bosses) in the early to mid stages of the game.
PvP is a different story. it has a limited move set and wide slow swings that make it easy to parry.