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i got inside rykers mansion through the basement, found the collar, didnt knew it was part of a quest so i sold it. Now i talk to Dot and Cottontail and the quest wont pop up on my journal and grabbing cottontail toy ball does nothing ( i cant even use it in a conversation to finish the quest) and my companion with Pet Pal has very low persuasion so i cant even see if i get anything from a persuasion check.
Confirmed. Did the same thing but went back to vendor and repurchased Dot's collar, no quest dialogue when talking to the dog or cat. I should mention that I had already killed Ryker by this point.
Do you have to kill the masked servants to get inside?
You can distract them by initiating conversation from different angle - they will turn to you, while other character can open door.
Or you can kill them. One easy method is to cast Spirit Vision. Every masked servant has his own spirit standing next to him. Then you can initiate conversation with spirit and choose Drain its Source - masked servan will die instantly without fight.
the lizard groundskeeper has a quest though, she wants you to "save" the souls of the masked servants. stealing their source would be morally wrong (not that i care, i did it too) and might mess up the quest (i'm not sure because i never received the quest on my first play through, maybe because i stole all their source, i dunno)
This isn't technically a quest since it doesn't appear in your quest journal. But it does reward XP.
It does tho
you need at least 2 in persuasion
***** the snob cat ^^ You can take the Diamond with the skill "Apportation" I wish i could take them to the boat.
If you kill the cat you get 125xp, but t dog doesn't grant you anything (maybe it was because I picked the cat as the favourite?)
Rewards? Excuse me?, Cats>Dogs. Always.
Definitive: Found the collar way earlier, never sold it. After killing Ryker I started the quest with them, which shows up in the log. One of my characters spotted the diamond by the bathtub on their own (high Wits, I assume, his were at 18). Picking up the ball updated the quest and reading the log shows I have both the collar and ball. I assume this is for low Wits characters to be able to find the hatch if they've killed Ryker before he ever enters his cellar, since the rewards are otherwise not useful.
Not exactly rewarding if you still have to Steal the awarded diamond...