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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The bomber can kick for just a few damage. If it is killed it explodes as though it used it's ability. I *may* have used it to kick open some barrels of nefarious substances in someone's home.
This skill is BOMBBA
it in the impish pocket dimension found in a large gem being played with by to wolfs. need to right click and use gem to get in side
So Summoning improves the Vitality, Damage, Physical Armor, and Magic Armor of summons. If the Suicide ability scales from the level and intelligence of the Wind-Up Toy, it sounds like points in Summoning don't actually affect the power level of the Suicide at all. Nor would the intelligence level of the summoner.

Has anyone tested this? Really curious to know if it makes sense to take the ability on a Finesse-based rogue with no summoning skill.
its suicide damage scales heavily with summoning and slightly with character level. at level 19 with 0 summoning it deals 580-645 fire damage, while with 20 summoning 1750-1935. again, it does not scale with character int. ability is pretty trash for as a dedicated rogue deals 1500 damage.