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Once you approuch him and the Captain arguing. They will attack you and hell intervien on your side. IF hes survives hell head toward the "old harbor on the otherside of hallowmarsh. I havn't check what happens but I won't be surprised if I find his corpse there.

Hope it isn't like Gwain(Telaportation guy) where he is suppose to die and if everything is clear that mage still dies in the swamp for no reason.
He survives and shows up in Driftwood in the next act. If you complete the mission given to you by the Paladins where you meet Cork again, they'll be attacked by Shadowcloaks. I'm not sure what the result is if you do manage to keep Cork alive in the fight though.
for some reason the magisters in the fort and this guy just ignore me when I walk up to them is it because I snuck in through the prison?
Same here, I approach him and nothing happened, everybody ignore me.
Fixed by patches long since.
Paladin Cork died in the first battle in Fort Joy in my 2nd play through (tactician) and I received 2000xp for him dying (not by my hands). I kept him alive in my first play through (classic difficulty) but don't recall how much xp I received for him surviving.