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so does this just negate the 1AP cost on the turn you cast the spell?
or do you get +1 AP on the next 2 turns?
+1 AP on the next 2 turns.



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If you buff before the fight starts you will get 5 APs to start with.
It actually gives you +1 AP on the next three turns, for a net gain of +2 AP
nvm, it is +1 on the next two if you cast it in combat
I got mixed up because if you cast it before combat and enter while you still have 2 turns of the buff remaining, you enter with +1 AP and still get +1 AP on the next two turns
This spell is boost by Pyrokinectic LVL ?
No, it does not scale at all.
is it possible to get this in anyother location or..are you screwed if you leave without getting it from the fort joy area??
Well... you can craft it at any time.... Ingredients mentioned on this very page. :)
the crafting is for the scroll, so your input was useless, you can get it from any pyromancer teacher, people that sell pyro spells
You can combine the scroll with a blank pyro skillbook to get a haste skillbook, so no, the advice was not useless