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By Anonymous
I was able to kill him at level 7 using a rogue and a summoner. Dropped an uber sword, a dagger called Toothpick, and some other unique items.
By Anonymous
whats better kill or save him ?
By Anonymous
Definately do his quest. Then, when you turn in the quest, the moment he gives you exp, and is still a dragon, attack him with your other party members until he turns hostile. Killing him for his exp, gaining the quest exp, and his drops are extremely powerful. Then, when you go towards the ship at the end of the act, he will still kill all of the shriekers for you, nullifying the loss of the purging wand handed in for the quest. Best of all 3 worlds.
By Anonymous
Well if you kill him you will get an uncommon sword really powerfull if you had a character who use a ONE hand sword, better if he is with warfare skill.

The exp between complete the quest and kill him is similar 3-6k.

And if you save him you will see his dragon to lizard transformation... also the satisfaction of a really worth significant save in this game. And you will recieve some uncommon and epic stuff then, really worth, but not the sword.

However, this is a close action to the Act 1 finish. IN act 2 you will find better one hand weapon.
By Anonymous
how i can save him?
By Anonymous
You simply talk to him about getting a specific Purging Wand from Radeka. She is a witch found not far in a cave to the south. Get Radeka's Purging Wand off her and bring it to him to complete the quest and get some rewards.
By Anonymous
considered saving the dragon but his name is slane so I slained him
By Anonymous
Is this dude like an OC insert from crowdfunding or something? I find it a bit strange how the MC kind of gushes over him.
By Anonymous
He's a reference to a Previous game that the studio made Divinity: Dragon Commander. In the game you take control of the first (I believe) Dragon knight wearing a jet pack, and while you never see your character (other than the dragon), its safe to assume that there is some link between the two
By Anonymous
He is a Dragon Knight - one of the most powerful being in all of Divinity lore, starting from the very first one. They eyes were something emphasized in Divinity II - Ego Draconis
By Anonymous
Rupture Tendons (Scoundrel skill) absolutely wrecks Slane. I applied it with my rogue, then Slane used Dragonfall to attack my max-range archer before using Fly to get back into melee combat with my rogue. The rupture knocked off around 2/3 of his health when he used Fly.
By Anonymous
i did it on Tactician thanks to the Dome Of Protection.6000 xp and good loot..Then again tactician isnt meant for an Origin Character other than custom.Their source powers are awful other than Fane perhaps.
Magic doesnt work well on Slane because he has permanent Soothing Cold..Physical damage is required.
By Anonymous
Did it twice (saved and reload) in tactician mode with only two lone wolf characters lvl7 (Sebille and red dragon), and Slane is lvl 9 :)
By Anonymous
Did it while taking only ~30 hp damage on tactician with two lone wolfes lvl 7 without any source usage. Totems hella OP with even 1 point into summoning, every enemy just ignores them. Also he's very weak to knockdowns, even two heroes with standard ram + crushing blow make him suffer for 4 afk turns
By Anonymous
If you save him and give him his source back he'll kill all the shrierkers at Abandoned Camp area.

Killing him gave:

6000 xp

Unidentified Epic Dagger (with various names, one I got was Longshank).

Unique Sword - Fang of the Winter Dragon

2x Unidentified Rare Rings

Skillbook Dazing Bolt

Medium Flame Rune
By Anonymous
This is what I found. Not killing; - He kills two Shreiker's for you. - He gives you not much more than 2k exp and some loot, one of which you can pick. - You generally just feel like a good person. Killing; - You save a purging wand. - Upon death you gain 6k exp and much better loot then what he offers as thanks. - Unsure if it's a bug, just a thing in the definitive edition, or normal, but I gained +5 attitude for all party members including The Red Prince and Sir Lora. (Looked by right clicking and clicking 'examine') I checked if perhaps I gained more attitude if I went with freeing him but I actually got nothing for anyone. The fact you also never see him again in the game nor does he actually do anything for you or the story other than kill things that aren't that big of a problem, assuming you're not dumb with the wands, the devs really made it not feel worth just letting him go. Plus there's even a steam achievement for killing him. Even if he was just an NPC you could chat with again, romance, or simply have a shop would be nice but no. You could argue that the loot becomes useless later down the line so why bother killing but then you could just sell it, plus he gives you more than double the exp than saving him which is tasty.
By Anonymous
Well I received a much higher bonus on attitude (25-38 points) for some reason. The red prince thought that it wasn't right that we killed a creature of such status in a very sad tone but had a attitude boost of more than 30 points...
By Anonymous
With how everyone seems to be ****ish in this game i made it my personal quest to wipe out anyone & everyone that stands in my way lol