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By Anonymous
What do you need in order to unlock the boat? I went to Fenser's Playground but there wasn't a kid or anything
By Anonymous
If you managed to kill Fensel, there is a kid in the corner of the room who needs you to open the pipe gate to escape into the marshes.

If he/she (I think it's Trice?) isn't there, you can open the gate of the pipe and escape into the Marshes.
By Anonymous
I am fairly certain that the boat and the two magisters are not there if you escape and reach the sanctuary first. This being because the boy Han is already there, I think.
By Anonymous
You have to save the magister on the floor in the prison being beaten up by the houndmaster and friends.

Once saved, he will tell you a keyword to make sure you can hop on the boat smoothly as well as some other useful infos.
By Anonymous
before the playground travel past the monks there is a boat with two guys and a kid leaving. or use the sewers, or the other 6 ways
By Anonymous
If you clear the docks outside the boy Han and the Magisters talking to him will vanish.
By Anonymous
Fort Joy may be a reference to Mount Joy in Ireland. There's a couple of references in game that sound familiar if you read the Mount Joy wiki.
By Anonymous
And the award for the worst starting area goes to..