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Buggy, passed the check still fighting me...
Passing the memory persuasion resulted in NOT KILLING HIM.
If you want to spare him, choose persuasion checks that don't involve stopping to talk. Telling him to leave with his life lets him escape.

Not sure if this plays towards anything later in the future, but hey less killing.
Why would you ever want to kill less ?
guess he hates xp
I teleport him into the middle of the encampment and let the seekers exact revenge on him while I buff and heal them.
Ames is mentioned by Dallis in a note "Orders from Dallis" found on a magister corpse at x:366 y:145, nice little tie-in that you can actually find him.
If you let him escape you don't get no exp, so what's the point?
You can trade with him as a vendor in dialogue, but I noticed that too late.
Hmm, I can't reach him. The vines are rolled up!
Tried both the Int and Memory check, you end up fighting him even after passing both. Bug or is there just no outcome where he leaves?
Same thing with the Strength check. He just ends up saying ''I am not free, I owe Alexander everything bla bla''
Got the letter to kasper after slaying him. It had a sad message on it. I don't know if is gonna be useful later. Poora Ames...