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By Anonymous
They don't actually have high lightning resistance. 2 hits from lightning spear or great lightning spear will take on out. My usual strategy is one hit from LS to drop their health enough to finish with a hit from my weapon, since slow weapons have time to hit between their attacks but not time to safely recover.
By Fumeknight1045
The skeleton beast is one of the most cancerous enemies in DSR. It's capable of shredding you into pieces in NG6+, there fast, aggressive, have no tells of their attacks and they are literally cheap at killing you. This is one of the only enemies that really pissed me off and makes tomb of the giant a frustrating place to explore.
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By kroger
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ng+6? These things two shot me in regular ng lmao
By Anonymous
Dark Souls Community: Hard = bad, R1 go burr ha.
By Anonymous
This thing can end my lv 60 character in seconds with just a few swipes.
By Anonymous
They go through a level 200 character in just a few swipes
By Anonymous
Noob here. I found myself against these guys and was not prepared. My ultimate way through was using the lantern to see them before they saw me, then dash forward an inch and then double heavy zweihander. (Stun, then finish) and, if not slain, swap to shield and hug it like a teddy bear till i see an opening.
Funny thing, I didn't have the tool to go through the gate! Ha! Backtracking fun. Which is probably for the best, lol.
By Anonymous
Try chaos fire orb
By Anonymous
Technically, these critters aren't as invincible as one might think. Interestingly, as a sorcerer with Homing Soul Mass, I don't have any serious problems with them. HSM attacks them even before I get into their aggro range and I only need one cast. The same applies to the giant skeletons. Dodge cleverly and only block when necessary. But, gracious Gwyn, the whole appearance of these abominations is terrifying. Especially those twitching, disturbing movements. Overall, these beasts remind me of huge, rabid skeletal dogs with an uninhibited lust for murder.
By Anonymous
Pyro works very well. Fire orbs are two mere hits.
By Anonymous
Thought these things were easy as until I slipped off the edge, had to retrieve my 50k souls and 20 humanity and then failed to do so from their weird inconsistent attacks. They have this random attack that kills you in 2 swipes and up until then they barely took off a sixth of my health. Yes I mad. I was not expecting them to two shot me when I had basically completed the level at that stage like it was a walk in the park.
By Anonymous
Pyro is king here. +12 Pyro makes them a cake walk, but for god sake pack good armour.
By Anonymous
These can be a real pain but Aural Decoy can be pretty effective in distracting them long enough to kill them or to get away if there's too many.
By Anonymous
Or, you know, just send them off the nearest cliff with AD.
By Anonymous
I hate it when you target this enemy and they stand up, the camera suddenly resets and leaves you vulnerable for one of the most damaging attacks if you try to hold your shield up while stepping back.