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By Anonymous
You can use it to dipell the wall in the cave with the altar that leads to Sallow Man if you don't have the head of Alexander anymore (I ate it).
By Anonymous
i love that "i ate his head" is a thing in this game. 12/10
By Anonymous
Drop a pyramid thru the wall. Easy
By Anonymous
where do you find it?
By Anonymous
It appears that I cannot equip this without a whopping 19 intelligence (different from the description of 14!)
By neonium
The you've probably modded your game somehow, as the baseline unique is set to 14 intelligence
By Anonymous
On my game it says 13 intelligence. And 19 intelligence isn't even close to a lot anyways. Without Lone Wolf you should have more than that if you play an intelligence character.
By Anonymous
Pod, I killed Alexander. Is there another method to obtain this? I do have enough intelligence (80, the cap)
By Anonymous
Has anyone seen any instances where you use it post-Sallow Man? I'm now in Arx, and part of me is tempted to keep it just in case, since...knowing this game there may be something.
By Anonymous
You can use it near the Black Ring traders to uncover a chest within a rock.
By Anonymous
I also wonder if it’s possible to unmask Kemm since he adamantly lies thru his teeth
By Anonymous
Where ? I've searched near black ring traders and found nothing
By sui146714
The Chest location is
X:261 Y:759