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If you pickpocket him, he will keep saying that he's still suspicious about you, even after checking your bag.

This will prompt some persuasion options that, if failed, will get you in a fight against the whole settlement.
that's same for many other characters. dunno what procs them though
If you progress to Act 2, he will be doing something at Paradise Downs. Do his quest first before you go to the Black Pit. If you go to black pit first and finished the story there, Gareth will go missing after you talk to him again. When you proceed to Act 3, malady's dialogue suggests you get him back on the ship before you go, but I heard people say he appears in Act 3 anyway.


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This is true, I took his quest and did it on the way of finish the whole blackpits area, and once I came back to close the quest it closed but Gareth walked off and I didn't see him anywhere yet Malady kept telling me he was missing ...
Spoilers ahead: The journal said Gareth left paradise downs after I went the mercy route with jonathan then killed the monks, Malady kept telling me that we're missing Gareth when trying to progress to the next act, in act 3 he appears when you go to meet Alexander and you need to pass a strength or memory check to have him stand down, otherwise you need to kill him.
yeah malady say we need gareth before leaving lady vengeance but i cant find him on paradise downs. he is missing and yeah, i killed the magister who killed his parents and have his vengeance but whatever..
sorry for the late respone but you will still find him in the next arc, i believe the only way to sail with him by your side is to have killed jonathan the first time you see him.
Gareth's parents are buried outside Gareth's Family Farm. got a Hunting Knife with +1 thievery from them. With other equipment = +5 thievery in total. pickpocketed the same NPC 3 times whilst passing the thievery gear around. (i'm playing on easy tho)
Killing everyone in the Seeker Camp before saving him will net you around 20k Experience (Klaud and Jules gave me 1500 and 1200 Exp respectively, Everyone else gave me 2250 Exp) and cause him to head straight to the Abandoned Camp prior to the final Act 1 fight instead of going to the Seeker Camp

Unsure if this is affected by the woman waiting outside for him as well... Cause I did kill her prior to saving him.
Why people keep on killing friendly NPCs? Ok, that woman waiting outside Braccus'es armory might not be the friendliest person ever, but once you tell her, you're on the look out for Gareth, she'll change her attitude towards you. Is it that hard to simply not kill EVERYONE you meet?
Well... These are the same people who complain that quests are broken because they killed key NPCs. Divinity OS2, at the difference of the first OS, is like others, it's meant to be a RPG and it won't hold your hand all the time (though it does do it quite a bit (journal gives away solutions, and there are generally many warnings telling you not to push the red button). Generally these people fail to understand what RPG means at its core and are basically playing Diablo. The one thing i regret in DOS 2 is that there is no personal notes options in the Journal so that i can write my character's diary the way i did in Pillars of Eternity. Doing it, writting her initial background story (her life before game begins), feelings, fears, worries, hopes and everything she felt during her travels along the game allowed me to have Pillars become one of my top solo Roleplaying experience ever. Well, the game had other issues.


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Edited the page, adding some few info on his role/encounters after Act 1. Tried not to add so much spoilers since the page have links leading to later quests anyway.
barbarian dialogue gets you a chest piece reward and he'll ask you to avenge his parents.
Not sure if it's already been posted, but there's a bug in which if you look at him on the Lady Vengeance when you're far away from him, his head and shoulders will be floating off the ground while his body will be a lying mess on the floor.