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By Anonymous
The one's found at act 3 don't seem to combine with armor when I attempted it.
By Anonymous
There are two types of artefacts, armor and weapon, you found one for armor.
By Anonymous
Some of these Eternal Artefacts just don't seem to be working. I kept failing while trying to use some of them, so I tried it with some other ones I had stashed and it worked. Curious. Yeah, I got the icon correct and all. Just weird.
By Anonymous
Be advised that Eternal Artefacts share the same icon as Ancient Artifact and so they can be easily mistaken for each other.
By Anonymous
Think that one is called "Ancient Artifact" and not Eternal
By Anonymous
I used one on a sword, got an air bonus, then used a posion barrel with the sword: result was huge poison bonus.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Using "Armor" Icon
Neck: 10% Fire Resist, +2% Crit, +5% Dodge
Ring: 10% Poison Resist, +1 Scoundrel

Slight Adjustments to above but I belt and chest swapped (maybe a patch or just recorded wrong)
Belt: +2 STR, 1 War
Chest: +10% Air resistance

Using the "Weapon" Icon (Dagger, Bow, Axe, Mace, Spear
+25% Air damage, +15% chance to set shocked for 1 turn.

As an FYI, it seems there is some slight level scaling as I tried the Eternal Artefact on the Gloves of teleportation (Level 2 item) and it only have +1 con, 10% earth resistance.

Couldn't get anything to work with a Wand, Staff, or Shield.
By Anonymous
Should be worth noting, that it is consumed upon usage, unlike a poison barrel i.e.
By Anonymous
Someone smarter than me can figure out the math, but i tested the weapon artefact on a bow with the following relevant stats pre-combining:

24-26 air
120-127 phys
10% chance to set shocked

Bow stats post-combining:

54-57 air
120-127 physical
15% chance to set shocked

While my math didn't work out perfectly it does seem like the +25% air damage is, of course, based on the physical damage of the weapon (mine gave 24% to the lower damage value and 24.8% to the higher damage value) and will be added on top of any prior air damage the weapon had.

On the other hand, it would appear that combining will cap at 15% chance to shock.
By Anonymous
ThanX for these infos.
Way better than the crap found elsewhere by dumb kids.
By Anonymous
On my first (and so far only) play through, the 15% chance to shock on weapons seems to have disappeared after reloading a save.
By Anonymous
Seems to work fine on weapons without bonus air damage, but when you use it on air damage weapons, you don't get the 15% shock. You get the smaller number from the air bonus.
By Anonymous
I also had the 15% chance to shock on a dagger disappear after reloading a save. The weapon did not have any elemental damage on it prior to combining with artefact. Confirmed bug.
By Anonymous
Bad liar
By Anonymous
DO NOT USE THE PHASE CAPACITOR , any Eternal Artefact can be used for this armor , the Phase cap. is used for a Quest in the Academy
By Speaker4theDead
You can find at least 10 (the number I have in my inventory rn) phase capacitors and you only need 3-4, so definitely make armor with some, and this works as of DE, not sure what the other 2 are talking about.
By Anonymous
All of this but helmet and rings no longer works.
By Anonymous
They work. I just used them.
By Anonymous
I just applied it on helm and it works - 1 Huntsman and 2 Finesse bonus added