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After finishing the game this was still one of the most difficult fights lol
If this was one of the most difficult fights, you're not very good at playing this game.
ARe u kidding this was a cakewalk lol. U must of attacked him as level 1 or something. I was level 5
I tried it alone and level 3 and it was by far the most difficult thing I`ve done, thankfully "Butter" killed him
You meet his wife at some point, called Beryl Griff. She refers to him as "my Griff". Does this make him Griff Griff?
yes its the same griff. in her dialogue she mentions that they sent him away to fort joy, and you have the option of telling her you ran into him in fort joy
how do i do sebs quest line if i dont turn in wormtail to griff and end up killing him ? who do i talk to
ment to say stingtail
Ok I don't know the advantages of keeping this guy alive. Maybe a lot because of items, spellbooks and such, since the people around come to help in the fight. But welcoming other prisoners asking for money or anything they have is unfair, this guy is bad and deserves to die.
If you get 100 rep with him by giving him unwanted items, him and his gang will help fight anyone trying to attack you. Let's just say Patrolman Klaus and his dog made a mistake trying to get me while talking to Griff.