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By Anonymous
If you bless her it helps out a lot. If you want to get the XP but not the fight teleport her to Jahan. If you just want her dead send her to a troll.
By Anonymous
And so how I gonna do that??
By Anonymous
Another way to cheese (almost any boss) is using Living on the Edge (necr) + Forced Exchange (poly).

Pre-cast LotE and maybe something that will help resist mind-control, let her bring your character to 1 hp while removing her physical armor, and use FE. She's left with like 60 hp, which is a 1-hit-kill.

BTW you can kill any foe like that. This is a really broken spell
By Anonymous
I personaly cheesed her by tping her away in the building nearby (there's a rope making a good tp spot next to her).
I sneaked all the characters but my tank and cast living on the edge before.
After she used her os spell then charm I unsneak my other caracther and fought normaly.
Using cc is important tho so she can't use her os spell again.
By RC1138
Talk to her with only one character.
I teleported her to the shore below while she was talking then hit her with two shield bash to drop armor and healing spells (my four characters had them)., i also put one summoned devil with her so her first attacks were on him.

She died after the first round.

ps: i was on level 15.
By Anonymous
Teleport her to Jafan; he's basically a god and will kill her on the first turn.
By Anonymous
The times I've engaged her, it usually goes like this:

- She has the first turn and then oneshots OR charms my character(s)
- I get the first turn and then oneshot OR disable her

To get the first turn, I think you need initiative in the high 40s. I had 49 on my Lone Wolf Fane and got the first turn. Fane then completely stripped her for magic armor and almost oneshot her with Apotheosis/Time Warp. My guess is you can do it even more easily with physical damage as on tactician she has a buff that grants her Water Immunity (her only real elemental weakness), bash down her armor with Overpower and then stun her.

For lower levels, you probably have to cheese her in order to manage it, as many others here have suggested. On honour mode I'd stay clear of this madwoman until you're more than geared and high level enough as she can easily wipe out your entire team in one turn.
By Anonymous
I tried on lv 12.
Before fight Alice forced talk to Lohse, Sebille spread some blood area with blood rain on Alice and flesh sacrifice.
Summoner spawn a blood+farsighted+power infused champion incarnate
Spread out the 4 characters

1st round,

Alice wreck and charm my MC tank summoner and killed my incarnate T_T

Archer Lohse, elemental(blood) arrow > Haste on Fane > Adrenaline > ricochet and executed a totem(+2AP) > attack once. Realized the reflected attack is really hurt, used potion.

Charmed MC Summoner died from Alice's pain aura (RIP 1 resurrect scroll)

Shadowblade Fane(elf form) flesh sacrifice > elemental(blood) arrow > backlash > rupture tendon > chicken claw. YAY, run and die for me Alice.

Enchanter/Necromancer Sebile, resurrect scroll on MC > flesh sacrifice > armor of frost on MC > regen on Alice(glad she is an undead)

Summoner MC, summon blood champion incarnate > farsight > power.

Incarnate, attack normally twice.

2nd round

Chickened Alice run. Attack of opportunity done by incarnate and Fane. Alice still continue to run and died from rupture tendon.

Cleaning up the remaining totems. YAY
By Anonymous
wew... You either get a clean favorable start where you nuke her phys.... Or your entire team eats a giant fireball barrage where in you get nuked. 3 tries was the ticket...
By Anonymous
I blessed the fire and had a full brawl with her in holy fire.... was real fun watching it burn her and heal me
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