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By Anonymous
If you trigger a fight with her, Alice moves first even if your Wits stat is maxed out (my character had 49 Wits and still moved second).

Also, like any other enemy in the game, you can cheese Alice by using Barrelmancy. Be careful, because she has Retribution, so if you've been stacking up your Backpack like crazy (I had it at 20 tons for her fight), you can easily deal over 10k damage to Alice... and one-shot yourself from Retribution damage alone.
By Anonymous
There is a single copy of the (uncraftable) Flaming Skin scroll on one of Baran Levere's guards (Black Bull Tavern, second floor). My gut feeling is that Larian included this a way of defeating Alice Alisceon in a solo Lone Wolf/Tactician play through at an early level. Using that 1 AP scroll, at level 12, I was able to survive her first brutal attack. After that, it's just a matter of teleporting her off the cliff, keep her there (lots of ways to do that), and wearing her down with the high ground damage bonus from above.

While I was not playing on honor mode, I now know it's possible to do so with using this scroll (or the actual skill if you learn after crafting the skill book). I suppose you could get your fire resistance up to. or greater than, 100% with fire resistance potions, but that takes more AP. I probably wouldn't have attempted this at level 12 in honor mode, even with this scroll/skill, after hearing too many people having their shining lights killed by sweet Alice.
By Anonymous
Each of the three dead magister corpses in Alice's triangle of flames is conveniently located in such a way that, once the fight starts, using mass corpse explosion will will wipe out ALL of the totems in one shot. Alternatively, using either normal (single) corpse explosion or summon bloated corpse (followed by vile burst) on each of them is quite effective, since each one that blows up takes down two totems.
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