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Chicken Claw + Rupture Tendons is one dirty combo!


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It got balanced in v3.0.146.559 update
Add Haste after this.. xD
Thanks for the tip! It's works great!
I'm not sure if the Chicken only has a chance to run now, or if it is bugged, but it only runs 4 out of 5 times, while the combo of Rupture Tendons + Chicken Claw + Attack of Opportunity is still worth the risk of running the combo for 4 AP, ( because even if the combo doesn't go off the person is still CC'd for 2 turns) it does end up being frustrating, because 4 out of 5 times.. just be careful not to cripple or knock down the chicken, in case it is that 1 time it works..
Does anyone know where to get this skill book in Act 2? I have empty polymorph skill books and am looking to make it or get it from somewhere. Thanks in advance!
Tarquin sometimes sell the scroll of this skill. You might want to check
You can also craft the scroll with Sheet of Paper + Chicken Foot + Any Life Essence. Then you can craft the skill book with Blank Polymorph Skill Book + Chicken Claw Scroll.
sometimes the chicken doesnt run in my games, and no its not crippelt nor was it knocked down
Do you have a character close enough for the Chicken to flee from them? A character need to close for it to run.
It says 2 memory