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I've got a shield which states "reflects 40% damage (melee) as physical damage", so i put some points in retribution to reflect more. With 2 points in retribution i reflect 40% damage back. Then i put 6 more points in retribution and despite 8 points difference (40% reflection) i was reflecting 40% damage still. Then i put 1 more point and it starts to reflect 45% damage, so it looks like damage reflection from shield didnt stack with retribution more than that those effects overwrights eachother with prefference for higher values.
Geting lone wolf talent wile having 10 points in retribution still tend to 100% damage reflection so its not about reflection cap.

P.S. sory for my bad english
Its bug or just scrypt like this ?
Shield reflect and reflect damage are exclusive from each other, meaning that they will not stack and the game will only apply the highest reflect value to your reflected damage


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If anyone knows if that abilities has something in common with "Whiplash" let me know please.
Does this actually reduce the damage you take? Or like Reflective Barrier, does it only damage the enemy?
Only damage ennemi but with necro Retribution heal you little bit if the ennemi dont have physical armor/magic armor.
if a undead does a poison attack on me does he heal?
Yes. Works with basic attacks if they have poison wands, staves, etc as well.
If you have retribution on your tank the enemies will ignore him and go for the rest of the party.

Maybe it's a good idea to give retribution only to your squishy characters (mages and rogues) so that enemies go after your fighters.
All you need to do is give the tank the worst armor in the party
I can confirm this. Even on my mage with glass cannon, the AI ignores her aside from the occasional CC and goes after my other characters. Might be worth putting a few points on all your characters other than your tank.
Having Opportunist and Executioner in addition to this mechanic on something like Spear for range mast be interesting.
thank you for the notes
I put 28 on this. He shot a fireball at me. Sayanora, Sucker! yeah, he died.
Hilarious on a solo character.
"Does NOT proc passive Necromancer healing" Aww....