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By Anonymous
I dug him up before getting to the sawmill and decided to leave him alone. Glad I didn't consume him then.
By Anonymous
Forget about getting stronger, I wont do it. Ill just try harder to compensate for the exp loss. Man, I love this game.
By Anonymous
Sad quest... Vengeance brings nothing, only more destruction into the world. Foreman's spirit was so cheerful simpleton, and the quest had only one way to be completed. Bad game design.
By Anonymous
It's not 'bad' game design, it's deliberate game design. The game is clearly trying to portray a world with a very large moral grey zone.

You didn't have to 'complete the quest'.
By Anonymous
agree with the other dude , while its...dark.. in some ways its not bad game design i mean ffs XD its a rpg.. not a fps where the player is ment to have a 'fair chance' at 'all loot' of a lvl ^^
By Anonymous
This is old but your comment is so weak it needs to be pointed out if you exhaust his dialogue you find out he knew but didn’t believe/ didn’t care. Vengeance and Justice are two sides of the same coin.
By Anonymous
10400XP + Shield and minor stuff in latest DE (Lvl 16).
I got Villain tag for consuming the foreman's spirit.
By Anonymous
The foreman as such a sweetheart though; just a genuinely warm and positive man and all happy and kinda open-minded in his own way. It honestly pained me to absorb his soul. He never did anything to the tree with malicious intent. He just didn’t know how that ancestor trees are still alive.
By Anonymous
When you try to tell him he is very dismissive. He was likely told that in life as well and had the same response. It also seems to be pretty common knowledge that the elves turn into trees when they pass, so willfully ignorant at best?
By Anonymous
"so willfully ignorant at best?"
Oh irony, this fits you. Not every tree is elven tree. Thats a fact.
By Anonymous
He clearly specified that they were specifically cutting elven trees with his sentence "can't say I blame em', with how quick we were cutting those trees of theirs" or something along the line. Welp, an eye of an eye I guess.
By Anonymous
Yeah he totally knows he's cutting down ancestor trees. He doesn't care, he just wants to put food on the table.
By Anonymous
He's a PERFECT example of Hannah Arendt's "banality of evil."

If you're curious, check out the video on the topic by Great Books Prof on YouTube.