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By Anonymous
You can also use a purging wand from Act 1 if you still have it on the Foreman's ghost if you've haven't progressed that far in the story
By Anonymous
I chose to learn skills from the Foreman and so he "left". One min after I spoke to the f"" log.....should have been the other way around, but to late now.
By Anonymous
It's ur own fault for not having visions of what would happen in the future.
By Anonymous
The anonymous grave nearby has nothing but poison. The grave of Jonah Freed has a chest that gave me about 400 gold, a fortify scroll, and a common ring to sell.
By Anonymous
Besides the unique shield, you get a choice of common items. Easy quest, though
By Anonymous
Just an FYI, when the shield starts to get underpowered for you, don't expect to sell it because you can't.
By Anonymous
You don't collect the unique stuff you come across? A game this big and richly detailed, and an RPG no less, and you don't collect and keep any of the unique things?

Why even play in the first place..
By Anonymous
You're probably one of the three players in the world that does that.
By Anonymous
Honestly though, some people might just not have a character that has caches of strange *** weapons sitting on the ship, others might want to put that gold to other great stuff, just cause it's the way you play doesn't mean it's the only way.
By Anonymous
I have 4 mages in my team. Useless to keep this crappy item. I've thrown it in a random box in the wilds :-)
By Anonymous
Did the quest. Didn't get the shield.
By tutantanto
You are not longer receive the shield & you got only around 10k exp
By Anonymous
at level 16 , got the shield and 10k exp on the normal edition not the definitive one
By Anonymous
did at lv 15 Got the shield and a few items to choose from as reward.