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This skill seems lackluster on paper. At 55% dmg per swing, you're spending 2 source points to do slightly more dmg than if you just auto attacked twice instead.
IT should be good with Venomous Aura if it procs it on each swing.
Scoundrels are opportunists. They are meant to do burst damage in a single turn, and those extra autos (with buffs) can REALLY help out kill a target. There are times when I was just a couple of points off lethal with scoundrel, and this skill seems to help secure high priority kill targets. Still, it feels a bit circumstantial, due to two source cost; they should either add another effect/buff the dmg, or decrease the source cost.
well its 275%
4 AP is 2 attacks or 200%
So that's 75% of an attack for 2 SP
Can't imagine that being worth it.
(55% + Backstab bonus) x5, not 275%
(100% + Backstab bonus) x2
Backstab bonus is multiplicative it is the crit modifier.
The formula is probably more like 55%*basedmg*critmultipier*5

If you got some proof crit modifier is added dmg and not multiplier i would be interested to learn more about it.
Can't this skill hit multiple enemies? That would make it worthwhile in some scenarios, wouldn't it? Still, not very impressive for later in the game...
Think the trick to this skill is using it with one dagger and shield. Then 5 hits is a great deal then you only hit once for 2 ap. 3 attacks for 2 SP may be a good deal.
I could see using this for a combo like: Adrenaline, Backlash, Daggers Drawn, Sucker Punch. That's Six AP to make Six attacks in total using a free hand rogue, with a possibility of a knockdown at the end, and you should be able to equip an offhand dagger, pawn move, and flurry next turn. Is 2 source worth it? Only if you have access to lots of source already. Depends on what you're doing I suppose.
Daggers Drawn is quest reward from Hannag after rescueing Gwydian.