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does this get a bonus from levels in hydro and geomancy? since those boost armour gained by skills and such??
Since Hydro and Geo increase Armor Gain from Skills and Potions, an ability will not be affected.

Unchecked, thus I could be wrong. Basing my theory on the wording of Hydro and Geo.
Put this + Glass Cannon onto a tank character. Since they get CCd through their armour they become very tough to kill with high levels of perseverance.
well with this idea you've just destroyed the main use of this skill : avoid being constantly CCd, but yea you will have a "useless" and hard to kill tank, also what's the point of having glass canon if your character had to be CCd all the day? (having more AP is useless if you can play only 1/4 turn or more depend of the ennemy team control crowd) so at the end you just have a meatbag with no real other uses until the ennemy have no status spell to throw. i dont mean its a "real bad" idea but put some point into summoning and you can have a free meatbag to do the same job
Actually, it is a smart idea. Solely because of how the NPCs aggro. They will almost never go for your tanks otherwise, and always go for mages, rogues, and anyone who's squishy. Which is smart, of course. However, once you put Glass Cannon on ANY unit, they will aggro that unit like crazy. And if you put it on a tank, well, they will be throwing so much **** at that tank, to the point where nothing will be thrown at your squishy mages and rangers and such. Which means you can pull off a higher damage output without worrying about them, and your tank can still end up living in the end as well. (and when he does recover from some CC, he will still get Physical/Magical Armor)
So, no, this idea doesn't destroy the main use of this skill. In fact, that's not the main use of this skill at all. It's main use is to recover defense after CC, thus making it that you can survive further (for Perseverance I mean), and Glass Cannon helps you be an actual tank. It's almost like a permanent Taunt in a way, with how aggro works for NPCs. One would even say that it's a genius idea done by a lot of people already. And, not only that, if you that tank doesn't get destroyed, then he can utilize the 6 AP well.

Also, let's be honest, "Tank" as a role is kinda awful in this game. The point of a tank is to tank damage and CC, but if no one ever attacks you, then what's the point? Only way to utilize the fact that you're a tank is by using your CC and damage as much as you can, and buff, but then you're just a bruiser-ish melee support of some sorts. So, in a way, Glass Cannon IS the best absolute way to enable a really good tank in this game.
Put this + Glass Cannon + Retribution on a tank character. He will be stunned almost the entire fight but will be nearly impossible to kill and will do lots of damage with ret.
Well, i'm sure it works but it must be really ridiculous... makes me think of scenes that could be in animes like Konosuba.
Is the % restored based on maximum armor or missing armor? The difference matters if you pair this talent with Glass Cannon. For example, if I have half my max armor and I recover from a status (assuming I have Glass Cannon and 10 points in Perseverance), does my armor go to full, or 75% ?
Tested it, the percentage restored is based on your maximum armor.
Good for Lone wolfes since they already have increased armor. Same with necormancy.
Why restore Physical armour after petrified when it's blocked my Magic Armour?