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so where is this spell found or at least seen?
This spell shows up once you hit level 16 on all normal Geo vendors. Only adds about 1/3rd of the damage that venom coating does. Rain into Contamination into Siphon Poison isn't worth the AP. Regrettable since I wanted to try a Geo stacked, poison damage, dual wield wand user and was hoping absorbing giant puddles of poison was going to be a nice power spike at level 16.


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Also absorbs poison clouds !
Don't use the skill for the damage but for utility. Unfortunately you get the skill too late in the game to make it usefull, still as an undead you can use the skill instead of running around if you're in battle...
For poison damage use Venom coating or the source/aura version (both give the same boost)

BUT ! It also absorbs cursed poison (without cursing your siphoning character) making it VERY usefull somewhere in Arx.


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Added that to the page,
So it heals undead?
How to combine this ?
useful for healing that one undead friend.