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Given to you, by Zaleskar the undead merchant in the swamp if you have Ifan in your party. He is directly across from the Drawbridge.
only works if Sebille is not your main
Works even if Sebille is your main, no issues for me, just let Ifan talk first.
If you kill borris without having Ifan in your party, you're *****ed. You can still talk to zalestar with Ifan in your party even if you *****ed up previously, BUT WAIT, if you talked to Zalestar without having taken Ifan, then you're double *****ed, no crossbow for you, and that's a big ***** up since this is the best crossbow in act 1 (Unless you somehow manage to level to 9 or 10 in act 1, but good luck with that, you might have to kill every breathing and non-breathing being on the island, critters included).
Level 8, just killed slane using the dialogue trick, so we get to fight his lizard/human form (which is still just as hard BTW) and lo and behold he dropped a rare crossbow thats even BETTER than shadows eye, so its possible to upgrade w/o being a murderhobo. 27-29 base dmg, plus 2-3 fire, sets crippled and burning. Less accuracy and critchance, but the dmg outweighs those. However, you are correct in your steps to avoid losing the chance to get shadows eye. Remember to have Sebille go LAST in talking to zaleskar, and maybe unchain her and leave her a bit far away too just to be safe. Let Ifan talk first, then Sebille. If you are trying to pass the speech check and failing with Sebille to convince zaleskar, you can use encourage, rested, and eat a bread or pie to buff your stats. Persuasion/strength worked for me with 1 persuasion and only 11 str normally. Then, after you exhaust his trader stock, kill him for 6k exp. Use oil to coat the battlefield and slow him, then t port him down the mountain.
Insanely good crossbow, basically carried me through half of fort joy
I finally figured out how to get Shadow's Eye when Ifan is not your main, thanks to ScreenRant of all places, especially since Sebille's my main, I couldn't get Shadow's Eye just by having Ifan as a party member even when he was unchained from Sebille and talking to Zaleskar by himself, and I didn't want to risk making Zaleskar hostile. Magister Borris needs to be alive for this; he's part of the group of four magisters and the dog near the fort's side gate, between Nebora and the diseased Mona. He is on the lower level, with the two archers above him. He's carrying a piece of paper called "Crumpled Note" ("Borris' Instructions" after you read it for the first time), which Borris will also have on his corpse, but reading the note that way, even with Ifan in my party, didn't seem to trigger the necessary interactions.

If the Magisters are hostile to your main character (e.g., if your main character already set foot outside Fort Joy proper), but they are not hostile to Ifan, you can still teleport back to Fort Joy Square, recruit Ifan (I just speed through his initial dialogue and accept him as a Wayfarer), make sure to separate / unchain him from your main character, and talk to Borris alone. If you did this the way I did it, Borris' blip on your minimap should go from red (hostile) to yellow (willing to talk).

Magister Borris will soil his breeches when Ifan walks up to him, which Ifan and Sebille will have a good laugh about. For good measure, read the Crumpled Note Borris hands Ifan, then waypoint Ifan alone to the Hollow Marshes Bridge where Zaleskar is, with your main character nowhere near Zaleskar (I recommend keeping her in the Square or maybe in the Fort Joy dungeons). Zaleskar should then hand Ifan the crossbow; Ifan can then waypoint back to where your main is.