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So wait where do we get the skill book? I heard that it was only in scrolls.
I found it on Margo at Fort Joy on the beach south west of the Fort
it's easier to craft it with a sheet of paper, water essence and life essence
The scroll Margo gives is restoration
I haven't found this skill but there is a res skill in Necro tree that doesn't kill you if you buff yourself before.
Necromancy 3, no mem slot, 6 AP cost.
I found the skillbook while killing all the npcs on chapter 2.
Welp god damnit. FALSE ALARM. It's from Crafting Overhaul mod. I didn't know that mod added skillbooks too.
It's necromancer skill that costs 6 ap.
Somehow I managed to acquire the resurrection spell. Not scroll. Spell. Not necromancy. It's actually an innate skill. I think I got it right after I left the tutorial deck/hold. If I'm not mistaken, I got it when I first spoke to magister Susan and she told me to try casting something. It may be random. Idk. The only other thing I can think of was what I did in char creation... maybe.
It's because you're playing in Story Mode, which if you read any 2 of the 5 sentences on this page you would have realized.
its cus ur playing in story mode u seem to get it in story mode