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Best AoE in the game I've come across so far.
Huge target area, selectively hits your enemies for massive air damage, and sets stun every turn for 3 turns.
It's pretty good, but why isn't there any description on the spell ingame? Scaling? Damage? It barely says anything about it.



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Yep, the devs chose to not give details on the actual per-bolt damage in the tooltip. This is the same for all the high-level end game massive AoE spells. In my experience each bolt seems to hit for about 70% or so of what a comparable Electric Discharge would hit for on the same enemy by the same caster. So for example if your Aerotheurge cast Electric Discharge on an enemy and hit for around 1200 damage, then if you cast Thunderstorm that enemy would be struck for around 840 damage each time your turn came up for three turns, along with all other enemies in the area.
This is probably the single most powerful ability in the game. You can get it earlier than level 16 at specialist vendors as I got mine at lvl 15 and oh boy is this thing devastating. With sufficiently high intelligence and Aero spec you can one shot even tough encounters on Tactician. A great combo is Apothesis - having a Polymorph - Aero mage means that you can have your mage have disgusting amounts of intellect (Dedicated points, buffs from certain quests, gear, and bonus points from talents / poly) my mage is lvl 19 with 56 Intellect. Cast Apothesis and then cast Thunderstorm for 4 AP and obliterate the entire battlefield. If anyone somehow survives, you have enough AP (if Lone Wolf) for another aero spell to finish them off or wait another round because it does its same massive damage again.

TLDR: Massive damage, perma stuns, incredibly powerful spell.
Even after Definitive Ed.'s nerfs all across the board, it still remains the "I win" button for most fights. Will no longer one-shot entire battlefield with aero-speced lone wolf, though.
Can you craft this? If so, how?
Best skill so far. Great damage, stuns every turn, huge area, only hits foes. Once you try it, you wonder how you managed to live without. A battle-changer. There's a before and an after. Before: too many foes, you are going to die. After: They are all stunned, you have three free rounds to kill them if they're not already dead. If you have a high crit% too, it can easily be a massive total nuke spell.
Broken af deals high crit with savage sortilege and max aero with max wits obviously u need apotheosis and skin graft with green tea ... or white tea u can spam 2 times and extra on top if u are going lone wolf sit back and watch.
I got this at level 6, because it was behind the barrier in braccus rex tower, instead of closed circuit, and I went with it, so that when I used it to fight bishop alexander, it was just too op.
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