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By Anonymous
Doesn't seem to do anything when doused him :(
By Anonymous
you have to douse him with blood, then he will have bleeding, so you will then need to cast "bless" on him quickly before he dies to get rid of the bleeding. Now you can talk to him.
By Anonymous
You must extinguish his cursed flames with blood, in any way you can, rain of blood is not mandatory. After that you can definitely remove his curse with the bless spell.
By Anonymous
this worked for me:
1) rain water
2) bless
3)rain of blood (can be any blood)
By Anonymous
Teleport a rogue next to him. use flesh sacrifice on him. then bless
By Anonymous
A way without an elf and blood rain that worked for me. Attack one of your party members until there is blood on the ground, teleport the Historian on the blood, bless it, throw a poison bomb ect. on him so he doesn't die.
By Anonymous
There is a puddle of blood on the ground, drop him in it with teleport and then bless him when he stops burning.
By Anonymous
I used *Raining Blood (Hydro+Necro)*, but instead of blessing it, I... Used *Turn to Oil (Geo+Poly)*

The blood-turned-oil blew up the area...

And then the Historian proceeded to thank me for helping him... While still aflame...

Anyways... As a side note, you can kill him for 425 Exp, but you won't get the Portal for Historian room.
By Anonymous
For clarification, I meant killing him prior to using turn to oil or bless on the blood.
By Anonymous
Tested it again. You can just get him in blood and then toss an oil flask at him.
By Anonymous
you can also create a puddle of blood using raise bloated corpse and then exploding it next to the historian
By Anonymous
Played the definitive version They fixed this interaction :(
By Anonymous
You can keep it alive it you use venon... i need to do that in order to get more sorce point to use bless, good that swamps was close
By Anonymous
It also works if you bless the blood instead of him.