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damn, i think i've missed the recipe and now it's too late. tho i've collected like 4 eternal artifacts by now, so if you only need 1 for this, wth are the rest for?
You can always craft the armour again at a higher level. There's plenty of Eternal Plates for that purpose too.


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You don't actually need the recipe to craft it, just need the materials. I've added the recipe in the Notes/Tips section above. FYI: Eternal Artefact, Eternal Plate, Metal Scraps, Source Orb
Seems crazy good, just got it and can't see much of a reason to ever replace it considering it levels up with you, had really good stats and benefits.
I have all the parts I need but it's telling me the Eternal Artefact can't be used.
There are 2 different Eternal Artefacts. They share a name, but have different icons. You may not have the right one.
Just tested it - The armor does NOT level with you. Updated page to reflect it.
This is correct. The armor does not level with you, but the plan does. The armor will be your level when you craft it, i.e. if you craft the armor at level 20, the armor will be level 20. The level 16 armor was really good. Lasted me until 20.
Ok, clearly there is some confusion on this. The Armor DOES NOT scale with you, but WILL scale to you when crafted. I.e. if you craft it at level 15, you will receive a lvl 15 piece of armor, but if you craft at level 20, you will receive a level 20 version. So if you wont this for a higher level character then don't craft it immediately, wait til later in the game. FYI, there will be more materials in later acts to make multiples of these.
SO after trying to make it armor for a while...
NO RECIPE needed to craft it.
Materials: Eternal Plate, Metal Scraps, Source Orb,
Eternal Artefact (weight 1, vendors 700g)
it must be that one. There are different kinds of eternal artifacts which wont work...
Eternal Artefacts found in Nameless Isle works. There are two different types (same name, different icon) : one for armor and one for weapons. The thicker one is the armor one.
It only has 1 socket now.
Doesn't seem to be worth it to be honest, you could gear epic quality much better gear, without even talking about legendary, divine or unique gear. if it scaled WITH you, then that would be another thing altogether and would probably be worth it for 4-man play, but do you really want to craft this***** more than a few times when it's only this and apparently it only gives a single socket now ?