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Who does he speak of when he asks if you have seen a "tall man with a black beard"? I always thought it was Ifan, but now that I brought him for the first time he doesn't react to him.
I think it might be Gareth, But I don't see how to get him there.
He does mention afterwards that "he has no desire to be back out demon hunting" or some such, he could be talking of his master.
I believe it's Jahan. If Lohse speaks to Zillik, he suggests she "meet his master North of Driftwood". The Demon hunter he refers to is the tall, intimidating man with a black beard named Jahan.
The "tall man with a black beard" is the beat up "magister" on the other side of the hall.
Zillik is speaking about Jahan, his old master, when he asks if you have seen a tall man with a black beard.. Choose the line, "Tell him that even if you had, you're in no hurry to help the likes of him." And Zillik responds, "Feisty! Well, don't mind me. I'm in no mood to meet 'im again, is all. Used to be his apprentice, but I'm much happier puttin' my feet up in the hole than chasing demons hither and thither."