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Don't forget to mention that it does extra damage to the Gods themselves. Notably, Dark sun Gwyndolin, Dragonslayer Ornstein, giant sentinels and Gwyn himself.
What about Artorias?


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I dont think artorias is a god...
He does have a soul, so I'm positive it also applies.
Video timestamp for the annex key is 17:35 - not 18:05
You think it would have been fixed by now...
So occult weapons can be buff?
No weapons with split damage are buffable, so no
So it's unable to be used in pvp entirely?or does less damage to a player then,say, a dark Knight?
It just doesn't do bonus damage to players, as it does to black and silver knights.
sucks thought it would do dark damage
It does; in Dark Souls 1 there isn't a dark damage type, but a dark/ occult damage modifier, similar to the divine damage modifier on divine weapons. The dark spells are just regular sorceries except they also benefit from your catalysts physical damage scaling and deal split physical/ magic damage.
The easy way to say it is that Divine and Occult act like subsets of Magic, with different resistance profiles and stat scaling. The only weird thing that stands out is that Divine prevents reanimation.
What I'm getting from all of this is that Occult weapons are useless
How is it useless? It literslly does boosted dsmsge to like 90% of the ingsme enemies
No he's right, it actually doesn't deal extra damage to most enemies. It deals extra damage to divine beings, such as the silver knights, black knights, Ornstein, Gwyn, Gwyndolin, Giant Knights and perhaps one or two more enemies I can't think of. Outside of the damage modifier, occult infusion is basically the same as divine but slightly worse. I don't recommend picking this over divine ever, unless you're going to Anor Londo or fighting Gwyn.
If you are doing a 50 faith build, occult weapons are the best in the game.
never choose occult
What if you're a faith build?
Of course I will choose it. My FTH is 50 and my DEX is 40 and i mostly do Belmont builds. So going with this and divine is a must to for the two first whips, guardian tail can stay in the standard path because its scaling is very low and base damage high.
Does it do more damage to Mannas or Knight Artorias?
No. I believe divine might.
I wonder for what purposses this ember was created. May be for hunting Nito? (for the prejudice of the Gods towards Death) or rather for hunting the Nameless King after betraying his father?