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This can deal a pretty good amount of damage but I'd like to see the exact numbers on how much it's amplified for every turn of fire. My friend has torturer and the 3 rounds of fire seem crazy.
From what I can tell it deals the stated damage another time for each stack of burning removed. Also seems to have an explosion radius of some sort, I've seen it hit multiple close targets.


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How to spontaneous combustion:

1. Remove enemy magic armour.

2. Light them on fire with a different ability.

3. Use this on a burning target to get similar damage to super nova (aka tactical nuke damage).

4. Repeat on enemies as needed.
the extra damage from being in fire depend of the type of fire (normal or necrofire) and the number of turn it last (so torturer talent can add some indirect dmg to this spell)
With the Torturer talent this becomes a great way to strip magical armor and open up a target to magical CC.
The way this power removes the Burning status from enemies is also handy for making it so your Pyrokinetic spells don't interfere with the crowd control spells in Hydrosophist.
Also the bonus damage applied by proccing the 2-3 turns of burn stacks is not INT dependent, it is level dependent so a good skill or scroll for a non mage with no int to do at least respectable damage later on.