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How can I get this?
Would like to know as well. I'm on Nameless Isle and have yet to see it.
After further exploration of the Nameless Isle I discovered the book at the elven temple. It costs 3 source points and four AP to cast.
Trader Bree in Driftwood had it...but not until I traded with her at level 16.
Shop driftwood centrum sells it at lvl 16
found this on magister reimond's body in blackpits. have to kill him before he escapes
You can buy it from every trader who sells summoning at about Level 15-16
So what about undead?
I guess it can hurt your undead allies, right?
And undead enemies could potentially get hit by poison?



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Correct, the game does not prevent this skill from poisoning undead enemies (thus healing them) or trying to heal your undead allies (thus hurting them).
is this*****? Plz tell me, i found the single target version completely worthless so i don't tthink this sounds very useful. But since each is random i guess it could give much more choices for summoning.
This skill is decent. The best part of it are the healing bolts for yourself and allies, since the skill lasts several rounds and will constantly restore health and magic armour for your party. Damage wise it isn't good for how expensive it is. It also doesn't play well with undead. Having undead allies means they will get damaged by the healing bolts, while undead enemies can end up being healed by random poison bolts.
Since the scroll can be crafted with easy-to-come-by ingredients, can you get the book well before level 16 by combining a high-level Summoning Skillbook (I think also obtainable before level 16) and the scroll?
Yes, as it turns out, I just did it :)
Just got this spell and TBH I am not the BIGGEST fan of it. It is VERY random and will often drop like, idk, maybe only 200 healing on a single ally, and 100 on a single enemy? Dropping 4 AP and ALL of your source points for a few hundred damage spread out across several enemies is...meh. It's very pretty though.