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Use spirit vision and follow a spirit of a old guy, that walks around


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To open the door, follow the spirit of Master Tremly (spirit vision).

1. Step on the hidden plate in the middle to reset the trap
2. Press the button on the east side wall
3. Pull the right lever by the door.

Messing up any one of these steps and you will get shocked and need to start again.
You missed a step, it goes right after pressing the button on the wall. Have someone trigger the inconspicuous contraption near the lootable table where master tremly sits down. It will be named as a ancient tablet (when pressing left alt) or something if it wasn't interacted with the first time.
>step on plate
>press button on east wall
>touch inconspicuous contraption
>pull right lever
Unlock with thievery 5 works for me ;)
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