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By Anonymous
( resident evil 3) Nemesis after eating too much McDonald's
By Anonymous
Beat the s**t out of them. literally.
I have so much of those i can manure a field with them..but not a single large club *sigh*
By Anonymous
THIS IS MY SWAMP also they're really easy to parry
By Anonymous
first time I encountered one(the one that comes running at you after you climb down) all I could see was a big thing jogging rapidly towards me. I love the fear!
By Anonymous
So... the Dung Pies... come out of their Blightholes?
By Anonymous
I think I found a bug with these guys and bleed. If they are killed with a backstab/riposte+bleed, they will continue their get up animation, but die as soon as they get up.
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By Kagawwy
Original Poster here, and the camera will unlock if this happens.
By Anonymous
yehT evah tihs no rieht sessA
By Anonymous
I usually kill them with backstabs... eww.
By Anonymous
The three barbars on the way to Valley of the Drakes can be cheesed by drawing their attention then climbing onto the top ladder. They'll fall right off the platform. Very satisfying.
By Anonymous
Backstab, backstab, BACKSTAB!