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By Anonymous
Ingame the skill description says that it would scale with strength... but Finesse would be much more logical, so what is correct?
By Unknown
That would depend on what kind of weapon you were using atm, you probably had a str based weapon while you were checking the description. Anyway this is a dagger skill, will only work when a dagger is equiped.
By Anonymous
I have Daggers equipped and the skill description states attack scales with Strength as well
By Anonymous
This skill actually deals 133% damage. One of the highest single target non SP skill in game.
By Anonymous
When using 2 daggers it ignores the duel wielding penalty (-50% damage on offhand) and deals a total of 133% making it much better for 2 dagger builds. (gag order also does this) could be a bug
By Anonymous
When using 2 melee weapons it ignores the duel wielding penalty (-50% damage on offhand) and deals a total of 133% making it much better than it seems
By Anonymous
patch modified the formula, the off-hand penalty applies to this skill now, it's 100% damage no matter you duel wielding or not, though the description still use the old formula (no penalty version), so you will find this skill does less damage than description when duel-wielding.
By Anonymous
If only all attack after using this skill can change to pierce damage for one or two turns.
By Anonymous
Does this skill work with other weapons then daggers/knives?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is this skill worth it ?
I feel that bleeding is a bit useless in this game
By Anonymous
It really just depends! The fact it does piercing damage allows you to potentially one shot certain enemies that would rather cause problems over a few turns. Buffs to damage such as venom coating and firebrand also increase (and convert!) all of the damage to piercing damage. Very devastating skill in some cases. Also, a backstabber will likely take torturer anyway making the bleed always apply for a bit more free damage.
By Anonymous
It does 100% damage + converts elemental damage to piercing + bleeding
So, damage with element on weapon is 105% + bleeding + venom coating + fire brand.
By Anonymous
It's the mvp piercing damage because of backstab. Dual wielding backstab attack with this can KO enemies that are resistant to your main damage type or tanks that restore their armor often (e.g. bosses with high perseverance). And DOT is DOT. If you're aware of how much damage you need to spread around, bleeding can be a significant factor in getting a kill. Also worth mentioning blood factors into some great necromancy skills.