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Anyone find this in Act II?
Yes. Check vendors when your group will be lvl16.
Sold by Eithne, 166 / 218 in Act II
Uh, anyone used that one? It feels like it could be used together with Skin Graft if you have a lone wolf / glasscannon, in order to bash out an immense amount of damage. But otherwise? If you have only 4 AP, you already have used 2. Add to it, that most source-intensive spells tend to cost a lot of AP as well, the fact that you need to branch for several schools to get value (additionally, investing additional points into memory to be able to equip these skills).
Anyone any experience using it?
It's definitely better for lonewolves, especially since they can push their damage so much higher, on top of their extra AP, making source skills devastating.

But you can also use Fane, Time Warp becomes a better Adrenaline, combine it with the real Adrenaline, that's 4 more AP. You can also use Elemental Affinity to potentially reduce the cost of the source skills.
Your assesment is correct, it is absolutely better for lone wolfes. In a typical 4-man party it will still allow you to bash out at least 2 high-cost source spells, although over a couple of turns.

A lone wolf Fane, in particular, can do absurd damage with this spell, as the guy above replied. You can then delay your turn with 8 AP at hand, open with this spell and then for example use Thunderstorm (which will hit twice in quick succesion if you delayed turn), start a new turn with Time Warp and then unleash hell. Skin Graft is nice in this combo as well, but it's not really necessary, as you can only Time Warp, Skin Graft and Apotheosis once per battle. Skin Graft is particulary useful if you face off against enemies with resistances as you can then use it to launch another spell they are more vulnerable against.
is this permanent for the game or only the battle at hand? I'm thinking battle at hand, but I wanna be sure.
sorry, didnt see 2 turns right under the description. im kinda tired.
Check Odis (driftwood vendor) at level 16, restock every hour
this is dumb on lone wolf fane lol

apoth + time warp + skin graft like what the ***** it completely breaks the game

It literally makes Fane a god. Nothing else even comes close to Fane's power when he gets this combo.
somebbody knows how to get puppet beads ?



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Only available in Act 4 I believe, there's a puppet on the beach you can get one from or as loot after killing the puppets of the Toymaker in his house.
Also gives +5 to All Attributes for the duration.