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By Anonymous
I'm playing on classic and this fight is impossible, I've gotten through every fight so far pretty well but it just kicks my butt the second phase 2 happens
By Anonymous
Before this fight I had approx 150k gold... I spent around 120k buying lvl 21 items and outfitting the party. Only lost 1 person during phase 2.
By Anonymous
i accidently hit thumbs down but the site won't let me undo it soz
By Anonymous
In easiest mode final fight takes only 1-2 characters to use best spells to kill Braccus lol
By Anonymous
Just side with Dallis and Lucian. U can do whatever u want after Rex fight. U can even take divinity for urself.
By Anonymous
try to burst braccus only.
We had problems here aswell on tactician but once we killed braccus everything just ended, didn't have to kill anything else and were allowed to make our choice(s)
By Anonymous
I had no phase one, nothing was triggered after talking with the crazies, so i had to hit braccus till he went to phase 2 with no combat
By Anonymous
when you kill kraken - all summoned by him cures fellows dissappear.
But on the next turn Braccus summons him again, and he spawns new minions - unless Braccus is in CC chain

tip - kraken could be killed on one shot with any 3-souce aoe speell. It is a huge monster - so he'll catch all strikes that supposed to hit large surface.
By Anonymous
If you choose the opton to 'surrender to him', you will go straight to the second phase, with all the Magisters being allied to you. Makes the fight a lot easier. You still get all three options to choose (though if you select 'Source for all', Dallis is presumed dead, even though she survived the fight....)
By Anonymous
There's a glitch I've recreated a few times. If you focus fire on Braccus, and right before he moves to stage 2 you debuff him with something that does damage on movement (Rupture Tendons, for example), you'll move to stage 2, except Braccus will be dead.

After killing all of the other enemies, without Braccus nothing else will happen. You'll go into free roam, none of your companions will talk to you ("Not now!") and you cannot advance the game.
By Anonymous
Strategy for Classic and tactian;

quickly teleport Braccus and all your characters to the furthest floating island directly opposite where the majority of the people spawn for this phase (it's nearby the island braccus originally summons the Kraken on).

All of Braccus's summoned minions cannot reach you, so they'll quickly kill everyone else but Dallis (in her dragon form). The fight then simply because your whole party vs Dallis and Braccus. Keep your Magic Armor up and this fight is a walk.
By Anonymous
All locations on the map are perfectly reachable by all enemies. This tactic is not viable, don't waste your time on it.
By Anonymous
after i killed braccus and everything i chose to becoem teh divinie, so lucian and dallis attacked me, the problem was after i had fought them nothing happend, just got stuck in the throne room and could teleport out with any portals around.
so my question is, do i need to fight the boss again?
P.S. didnt load after the kraken fight.
By Anonymous
After speaking with Lucian and "sacrificing" my source the game glitches and no phase 1 happens....
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