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So, i got to the Sanctuary after I saved Gareth and I *****ed up and they all emideatly went to the Boat in the North and boarded it.... Problem is ... My Companion still has her Collar... Can I remove it somehow now?


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"*****ed up" is an understatement... You would have had to do the majority of the map without saving Gareth, gone through all the dialogue initiations to get them to move to the Abandoned Camp, and then considering Leya stays back, you would also have to have had dealt with the Shreiker's AND sent the Seeker's to assault the Vengeance in order to do this. No, you cannot remove it, you went above and beyond screwed.
Seems stupid that Leya only removes collars from characters if you have Lohse speak to her. Even after saving Gareth, it only became an option when Lohse spoke.

She wouldnt aid the other heroes after saving their leader?
It works too if you have the dwarf. He will talk to his old buddy next to Leya, and this guy will introduce you to Leya and she removes your collars
Leya will also remove the remaining collars if you have Beast in your party and allow him to talk to the Duggan. He is the Dwarf who is standing next to Leya.