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Does anyone know if this affects all characters, or just enemies?
affects only enemies
Does not seem to work on cursed blood
Spell doesn't work for me at all. Many enemies in area and none are affected



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They have to be standing in a surface of regular blood.
I have tried to get this spell to work but never seems that effective, even with Rain of Blood drenching everything. Use other spells instead
use it with bloodstorm skin graft and apotheosis
the enemy has to be standing on the blood, then cast grasp of the op hands
Just to make sure everyone is aware. This spell is absolutely insane. Possibly the best damage spell in the game. When you are hitting multiple targets, the crits stack multiplicative. If you have 200% crit damage and crit on 3 enemies, this will do 800% damage to each enemy. The spell already has a 300% base damage, only costs 1 ap with elemental affinity on blood, and crits for absolutely insane amounts.
use it with bloodstorm skin graft and apotheosis
op as hell. It does the same damage as a 3 source points elemental skill without the resistance, because physical armor almost never has, and can cripple for TWO turns. W T F.
Does this work on enemies standing on frozen/electrified blood surfaces as well?