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The tooltips for this in-game are hilariously inaccurate. Of the ones I KNOW are false...

- Points in Necromancy also increase the damage dealt by Necromancy skills.
- Points in Summoning increase the Vitality, Damage, Physical Armor, and Magical Armor of Summons by 10%, not 5%
- Points in Hydrosophist also increase the damage dealt by Hydrosophist spells
- Points in Leadership provide 2% dodging for allies (per point), not 3%


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Your first two points are incorrect.

Points in Necromancy DO NOT increase your damage with Necromancy spells. Only Intelligence and Warfare do.

The scaling of the summons is not the same every level. There is also a huge power spike at Summon g 10 which is much higher than 10%. The damage also does not increase as much as Vitality and Armour.
Can confirm the following:
you are wrong for necromancy. It doesn't increase necromancy spell damage if you max necromancy.
summoning you are correct.
Hydrosophist does say it increases water damage.
It says 2% dodging for leadership

They might have changed the description but i am fairly confident it always said the following

necromancy: https://imgur.com/a/Y3hX6
Also several civil ones are too, the price increase on your items is always the same as the price decrease on trader items, and telekinesis is 4m per point. Probably more but i only know these off the top of my head
Luckily in 2019 in the DE version all of that has been fixed as far as I can tell.