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By Anonymous
Atusa's Leg, with Fane in the group, can be traded to Kniles the Flenser just upstairs from the Fort Joy prison (in the bloody area with the body parts, monks and caged flesh golems). In return, you are given the Face Ripper, Fane's quest item, and free pass to simply leave the fort.

Alternatively, consuming the leg as an elf (or as Fane, disguised as an elf) grants you the Geomancy spell Fortify, and a bit of insight in Atusa's life.
By Anonymous
I ate it as sebille and did not get fortify. all I got from it was 2 journal updates
By Anonymous
just ate it, didn't learn fortify...
By Anonymous
No more learn skill
By Anonymous
Ate it as Sebille and learned First Aid
By Anonymous
My friend got First Aid as Sebille + Ranger but idr if it's from this. May be a requirement to have points in huntsman to get it if it is though.
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By Ekimolaos
Nah, you got the First Aid skill from eating the Severed Head given to you by Elodi.
By Anonymous
Where is her corpse
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Lol to the other commentor. Her corpse is right out the front gate of Fort Joy. She is the magistrate who is killed in a cut scene as soon as you arrive at Fort Joy.
By Anonymous
you're joking right, its right in front of fort joy, you can see her die in the first forced dialogue interaction while they kill her lol
By Anonymous
similar to garvans head, start the dialogue with fane, at the moment where you are to hand over the leg, have your elf eat it. they learn the lore, and kniles still gives fane the face-ripper. side note: i got the lore but not fortify.